The revolutionary journey to return to the Healthy "Old Ways" our Infinite Creator intended for us...

While returning to the pure waters of creations beginning is not possible on this present earth, we do have options, “the next best thing.” Technology has given us back access to highly ionized, nano-hydration, alkaline LIVING WATER that crystalizes with beauty and vibrancy, that hydrates our parched cell structures, penetrating deep within our cellular membranes, and flushes out the toxins and waste that sickens our bodies and supports disease. Water Ionizers, although expensive, as they use very expensive rare metals (platinum) in their treatment systems, is about the healthiest water you can get without taking home a chunk of Antarctica glaciers. We personally use a Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer and have been very happy with it. Because we are on well water, we also use a quality Reverse-Osmosis system. RO water with an Ionizer is not ideal, and may require mineralization to be added back into the RO water for the Ionizer to have minerals to work with in the ionization process, but a system designed well (we provide this design service, if interested) gives one healthy, living, EXCELLENT drinking water! This is SO KEY to any health pursuit! Please don’t neglect the quality of water you put in your bodies…

Now days, hip specialty water is a booming business. It is not uncommon to see “high-pH” and “Ionized – Mineralized” bottled water at most markets. But buyer beware! You may not be getting what you think you are getting. Many of the “high-pH” waters are not naturally high in pH, most being low pH reverse-osmosis water that has had “Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)” added to artificially raise the waters pH. This is ~NOT~ the healthy water your body needs, nor is it a miracle blood pH boosting elixir. Others just dump in non-absorbable minerals that just flow through and leave through urine or waste, doing little for your cell membranes. So save your $$$ and buy a water system & ionizer for your home and create your own healthy, living water.

If out and about, buy bottled water like FIJI and Evian, two brands that have been tested throughly, have a good, slightly alkaline pH NATURALLY from the source, and taste AWESOME! Expensive, yes, but worth it!

Water treatment is a confusing and very technical process. I have over a decade of water treatment experience as a former Florida-licensed Water Treatment Plant Operator, and Genesis Healthy can design a system based on your specific source water (well, surface, or municipal).  Just contact us! We want you to experience what we have personally experienced: HEALTHY WATER!

Why should you believe us about water?

In the 90’s I was a Florida licensed Class-C Water Plant Operator who operated large Class-A municipal water plants in Palm Beach County and Gainesville for over 10 years. I have worked with Reverse-Osmosis (RO), Ozone-generation (O2), and traditional lime-softening plants that produced tens of thousands of gallons every day. I controlled every aspect of the potable water process from raw water to final product sent out to tens of thousands of homes and businesses. I am very knowledgeable in water quality standards and lab testing of water quality. I understand what water is chemically and how it reacts when processes and chemicals are added to it. I also understand why “small molecule” water and the crystallization characteristics of water are indicators of healthy water. Not many other “water ionizer” dealers and multi-level marketers (MMM) can claim the same knowledge and experience in water. This is why Genesis Healthy cares about your water health…

Plus, I am also telling you my PERSONAL TESTIMONY about water, what it means to our bodies, and how ionized alkaline water with small molecular structure is EXACTLY what your body needs to be HEALTHY and WELL. It is the best water you can get without going back thousands of years in time to a better, cleaner earth. Tyent is leading the HYDROGEN REVOLUTION!

There is so much misinformation out there about water, even I with my experience in water treatment was confused for quite awhile, not knowing who to believe. But where some chemists and physicians error, is that they do not take into consideration the “molecular size” of the clumping water molecules, the ORP value, nor that water has “memory” and is affected by anything it touches or is in proximity to. There are numerous experiments that prove this, but like homeopathic medicine and naturopathic healing, “mainstream” medicine is completely clueless. They think “tap water” is acceptably healthy even though this water cannot form healthy crystals when frozen and is laden with chemicals. And those that criticize “alkaline” water are not seeing water for what it really is, they have tunnel-vision on only one aspect, the pH, but do not look at how water ionizers create smaller clusters of water molecules that far more readily permeate our cellular tissues and membranes, therefore HYDRATING more of your body, flushing it of toxins and pollution. Nor do they recognize the value of having a negative “ORP” value. Listen to your “spirit” inside you! That is what brought you here. Your body knows, follow your intuition. We are here to help!

Cellular hydration of small molecule clusters

HEALTH is in the SMALL water clusters and the HYDROGEN

“Why, when a poison is diluted in water to the point where it cannot by physically detected, does the previously toxic solution then become therapeutic? When the substance itself is gone, and all that is left is the information from the vibration, both poison and medicine become the same.”Masaru Emoto
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