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GMO, processed foods, genetic pesticides and cellular manipulation, depleted soils, hybrid crops, chlorinated and fluoridated lifeless water, polluted air, weather manipulation, and illnesses of all kinds on epidemic levels, this world is a mess. Humanity is a mess. Obesity, cancer, autism, neurological disorders, sick blood, sick cells, sick souls, sick auras… This is ~NOT~ what our Infinite Creator intended or desires for us!

A human in a dark wasteland looking out into the wonder of space

Let’s get OFF this crazy train! We are all on this dimensional level we know as earth, but we are not yet helpless to remove ourselves from the majority of destructive and harmful perversions of creation man has twisted and manipulated. We can take small or big steps to get Genesis Healthy! We can say, “No!” to fake foods and the dead foods. “No!” to the poisoned, lifeless, acidic water we drink. “No!” to poisoned bodies of flesh, oppressed souls, stressful environments, the spinning wheel “Rat Race,” and instead follow the path our Infinite Creator still makes available to us. The path is there… It has always been there! It is the path less traveled, the narrow path, the path that leads to ABUNDANT¬†LIFE.

Beautiful narrow walk path through a lush forest.

Wisdom calls…

So join me on my journey! I am choosing to take steps, even as small as they are at times, towards the GOOD THINGS our Eternal Creator has put into place here. It is a journey made more difficult by decades of poor living and vain pursuits. But Wisdom, she calls out to the barren wastelands… Do you hear her? You are here, you must have. Synchronicity at times meshes seamlessly with THIS time and place that brings you here, our mutual paths turn out to be the same path, and another soul and spirit sees the Light and hears the still, small voice within us. Welcome to the best journey of this life, one that returns us to¬†Genesis Healthy

A lushious display of healthy vegetables

I give you every seed-bearing plant…

Delicious fruit

And the fruits of the earth…

Man and Woman stand before Our Creator

Pursuit of the Infinite Creator is in our DNA

So where do we begin? Healthy, Living Water!

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Genesis Health must begin with WATER! We are made up of almost all water. Water is in everything alive. Vibrant water that is ALIVE with energy and purity is ESSENTIAL. Yet so many, almost all of us, drink inferior water every day. Water from our taps is lifeless of “crystal energy” and has “toxic memories.” It is highly processed, laden with chemicals like chlorine / chloramines and scale inhibitors, some even highly toxic, like fluoride, yet this is all we have to choose from AFFORDABLY. Some of us buy bottled water and pay $$$ dearly for it, as well as leave piles of PLASTIC bottles in the trash. Some of us add filters to try and make what we have locally from the tap better. But in the end, it is still lacking LIFE and VITALITY! While returning to the pure waters of creations beginning will never be possible at this time, we do have “the next best thing.” Technology has given us back access to highly ionized, nano-hydration, alkaline LIVING WATER that crystalizes with beauty and vibrancy, that hydrates our parched cell structures, penetrating deep within our cellular membranes, and flushes out the toxins and waste that sickens our bodies and supports disease.

The best solution to date is to use a water ionizer, such as Tyent’s line of ionizers, among others. It creates alkaline, hydrogen-rich, water that is refreshing, smooth, and wonderful for your body. But this technology is not cheap! It can cost thousands of dollars, but I personally think it is worth it and own a Tyent Ionizer. Second best solution is Reverse-Osmosis. This option is very affordable and systems are designed for all kinds of water conditions and system pressures. I do not, at this time, recommend distilled water for long-term drinking. I think the claimed benefits do not overcome the potential leaching of minerals from the body that hyper-corrosive distilled water may cause. I am still undecided on the data, but I do not use distilled until more proof of health safety is verified.

Lastly, there are many good bottled waters out there, like Evian, Fiji, and others. In many ways, the premium bottled waters are indeed superior to cheaper bottled water. But be careful of “high alkaline” bottled waters! Most of these are fake by added chemicals that artificially raise the pH. Buyer beware! Do your research… Also read my post on “Living Water.”

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